5 Ways Online Marketing Has Proven To Be More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

The two channels through which digital marketing activities can be implemented are, the Off-line digital marketing channels, also known as traditional marketing, and Online digital marketing channel which is also known as internet marketing.

Some years back traditional marketing channels used to be the most effective means of reaching customers, but today everything is changing, the advancement and innovation in technology and digital tools has changed the way marketing is being implemented.

In this post you will learn 5 ways online marketing has proven to be more effective than traditional marketing, I hope this insight helps you understand why you need to take online marketing serious than you currently do.

5 Ways Online Marketing Has Proven To Be More Effective Than Traditional Marketing:

1. Large audience

One thing every marketer knows is that audience matters when it comes to marketing of products or services. Marketing is a number game, if you have products and services to sell, the opportunity to sell more of them depend on the number of eyes or ears that sees and hear about your products on a daily bases.

When it comes to channels for finding potential customers, today online marketing channels are enjoying more audience than traditional marketing channels. Traditional marketing channels like television, radio, newspapers, billboards, brochures, etc, are losing attention to online marketing channels like social media, Podcast, video platforms like YouTube, have you observed? people hardly watch local TV stations these days, or listen to radio programs, majority of people today prefer using online channels and tools to access information and entertainment they need.

How often do you watch TV these days, or read a newspaper or magazine, or even listen to radio programs, if you take a realistic analysis of your personal experience with these traditional channels, you will understand that these channels no longer enjoy the audience they were to enjoy, about 10 to 15 years ago.

The reason why these channels are losing their audience is because of technology and digital advancement and innovations, tools like smart devices and internet has made things easy and flexible, people now prefer to get the kind of satisfaction they get from these traditional channels a few years ago online using available online means because it’s convenient and flexible.

How about I ask you, when last you visited any social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc, probably a few minutes ago, because that might be where you get the link to come to my page or blog to read this post, when last have you watched a video on YouTube, when last have you visited a blog… your answers to these questions can tell you more of which channel is getting more of the attention these days.

Online digital marketing channels are now where people socialise, access news or information, and do pretty much other things, the thing is, people spend more time these days on online platforms than on traditional channels.

And this is why online marketing is winning, because marketers always go where the audience hang out, that is where they can play the number games that help them win.

2. Targeting

Targeting is another way online marketing is dominating traditional marketing.

Effective marketing include reaching the right people while minimizing cost. This is one ability traditional marketing can’t brag about, traditional marketing target strategies are less effective compared to online marketing.

Traditional marketing uses strategies like targeting set of people who read, watch or listen to a kind of newspaper, magazines, programs on television or radio, or people who are living and pass through a specific location, that is in the case of billboards and posters. One problem with this strategy is that some of these advertising end up in front of people that has zero possibility of converting.

Online marketing has proven more effective than traditional marketing in this aspect. Digital marketing tools like Analytics, Insights and platforms like Facebook, Google provides useful data, like demography, Location, behaviour, likes and interests of people, which can be used to target specific kind of gender, location or behaviour, this makes marketing campaign on online channels more targeted and effective.

3. Cost effective

Not only can a campaign on online channels be target to a specific audience, it also saves lots of money which would have been wasted, in the case of traditional marketing, reaching the entire public most of whom will not find the advertisement or promotion useful.

For example, in a case where a company spends thousands or millions of money on advertisement or promoting a product that is meant for only ladies of a specific age on television, there are chances that other gender or age groups will see the ads, which might be of no use to them. In this case, every money spent in reaching the wrong audience with that advertisement is considered a waste.

Online marketing does a better job in this kind of situation, online marketing platforms have tools and data that can help marketers reach a specific set of people, reducing the chances of spending money to reach people who will not be interested in what you are advertising or promoting, this helps to save cost.

4. Engagement

One other ways online marketing is doing greatly than traditional marketing is engagement.

Most of Online marketing channels enable the opportunity for customers and business to interact and build trust.

This is what is hardly possible in traditional marketing channels, when you see an advert on television how easy is it for you to know more about the product or sponsors, or to get your questions answered, how about on radio, billboards and magazine, the means of engagement and interaction are not easily accessed in the traditional marketing channels.

Online marketing channels have tools and functions like comments, message, shares and likes, which help customers express their self, ask questions, and build trust with a business, which leads to customer loyalty.

And you may already know, customer loyalty is an asset to a business.

5. Tracking

Online marketing channels also allows marketers to track campaigns. This is something that can be difficult to do in traditional marketing channels.

How do you know the exact number of people who see an advert on television, who listen to an advertisement on radio and read an advertisement on a magazine? how do you know the kind of audience you have reached with your ads? there are no accurate measures to ascertain such data in most traditional marketing channels, most number of data in traditional marketing channels are estimations.

Online marketing channels has tools that can be used to track campaigns, to know their reach and effectiveness, this help marketers to actualize their marketing goals, tracking helps marketers to analyse and measure campaigns and even ascertain when to pause or cancel ineffective marketing campaigns, redirect and reach different set of audience for maximum results.

Final thought

The point here is, in our today’s world, online marketing is more cost effective and efficient than traditional marketing.

But this doesn’t make traditional marketing irrelevant for marketers, knowing how and when to combine traditional marketing channels and online marketing channels in a given situation can be the best way to reach Marketing goals.

What do you think? what digital marketing channels are you using for your business?

Please share with us in the comments below.