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Nice to have you here, I’m excited that you wish to know more about me and this blog.

My name is Emmanuel Onyewuchi, I’m a Writer, Digital Marketer, Consultant, Entrepreneur or you can call me an infopreneur.

If there’s one thing i know for sure in life, that will be that humans are unlimited being, we possess unlimited potentials just by being human.

Discovering this has played important role in my life and in all I do as a writer, digital marketer and entrepreneur.

What easy should you know about about me?


Naturally, I’m an introvert or maybe Ambivert, I kind of flow when the energy is positive…

I enjoy meeting and interacting with positive thinking and like-minded people, learning and reading are my top 2 hobbies, I also like seeing interesting movies, funny memes or jokes, I can be funny sometimes, i kind of think so 😊.

Ok. Enough about me for now, let’s talk about this blog.

About Digitaltopnotch.com

As you already know, we are living in Digital era, Digital advancement is changing how we live our lives.
Some of the questions that inspired the idea of this blog and my online learning platform Digitaltopnotchacademy.com among include:
Are individuals, business owners or entrepreneurs optimizing and maximizing digital tools and resources available to tjem us? 
Are people learning the right skills and knowledge to help them navigate the two dimension we are living today?
Are they developing the right mindset and attitude needed to thrive in a digital age?
While some people can answer yes to this questions, there will be a lot of people answering a big no.
My goal this blog and Digitaltopnotchacademy.com is to provide individuals on the career path, business owners and entrepreneurs, the skills, knowledge, ideas and guides on digital marketing and online business that will empower individuals to optimize and maximize digital tools and resources to their best benefits.

Who will benefit from this platform

Everyone, young or old, male or female, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, workers, whether you are still schooling, college graduate or a college drop out, even if you have never seen the walls of advance learning institution before, you will find valuable ideas and resources on this blog that can aid you in making better decisions about digital tools and resources.

Hire me

I can help you scale your sales and business with the power of sales funnel and paid advertising.

If you have products or services that needs more customers i can help out, let’s talk about it.

To get in touch, use the contact page or send me a personal email at [email protected]

To your success

Emmanuel Onyewuchi 


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