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Nice to have you here, I’m excited that you wish to know more about this blog.

My name is Emmanuel Onyewuchi, I’m a Digital Marketer, Writer and an infoprenure, the founder of Digitaltopnotch.com.

One of the things i have discovered while walking through the path of personal development for the past 3 years is that as human we possess unlimited potential, understanding this has inspired me to want to contribute in helping most people in anyway possible to understand this fact too and explore these extraordinary possibilities in us.

Also I believe in the journey of growth, personal development i.e becoming the best version of ourself.

Naturally, I’m an introvert or maybe Ambivert 😊  I enjoy meeting and interacting with positive thinking and minded people, reading is one of my hobbies, I do enjoy watching interesting movies and funny memes or jokes, I always try my luck in telling jokes, some times people do say I’m funny, i don’t know how honest they are about that statement or maybe they are just trying to make me feel encouraged 😁

Ok. Enough about me for now, let’s talk about this blog.

About Digitaltopnotch.com

As you already know, we are living in Digital era, Digital advancement is changing how we live our lives, one of the top questions that inspired the idea of this platforms is: are individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs optimizing  and maximizing digital tools and resources in this digital era? Are we learning the right skills? Are we gaining the right knowledge? Are we developing the right mindset and attitude needed to live in two demensional world that we have today?
These questions and more others are what Digitaltopnotch.com is up to address.
I’m bringing my 6 years experience in Information Technology and 3 years of experience in personal development to address some of this questions.
The goal of this platform is to provide individuals on the career path, business owners and entrepreneurs, the skills, knowledge, ideas and guides needed for optimizing and maximizing digital tools and resources.
Our goal in the nearest feature is to become a go-to place for skills, knowledge, ideas and resources on personal or business development and branding, digital marketing, blogging, writing, motivation and inspiration needed to achieve success as an individual in the career, business or entrepreneurial journey.

Some Topics you will find in this blog:

Digital Marketing 

One of the predominant topics on this platform is Digital Marketing.

Marketing is an important aspect of our daily lives, it directly or indirectly influences how far we go in every aspect of our life, it plays an important role in the most important aspect of our lives, career, economics, relationships, happiness, name them.

To be able to position ourselves favourably in the market place we need to be conscious about some marketing elements that affect our daily life (personal branding), we need to learn how to position our self, abilities, products or services correctly, we need to understand the right tools, channels and strategies that we can use to get the right results.

These are some of the things the digital marketing category in this blog hope to address.

Writing & Communication 

I used to think that becoming a writer will never be possible for me because I know I suck in anything that has to do with the English language, speaking, spelling, grammar, structure and so on.

I use to find all sort of excuses for my challenges, like not having consistent  education background.

But regardless of my inability with dealing with words, I have gone from someone who thinks he can’t become a writer to becoming the best writer I can become.

Writing is one of the skills that I believe are essential for success in this digital age live in, this is why I want to use my experience to encourage people (you) on the journey to becoming a writer.

Writing will allow you communicate your skills, knowledge, ideas, values, opinions or imagination with the world.

In the writing category on this platform, you will find tips, guide and resources which are mostly a result of my personal experience on the writer’s journey.

Career, Entrepreneurship, Business

One of my newest discovery in life is that to stand a chance of becoming successful, almost in anything, we need to own a business or treat everything we do to earn a living as a business,

I believe we have the capabilities as human to become what we wish to be, we can become great on the career path worker or successful in business or effective entrepreneur, these acts and dealing in life are not reserved for special kind of people, we all have the ability to think new ideas, innovate old ideas and solve problems.

This is the path I want to encourage you and me with these categories, the path of productivity and value-adding, I believe this is the path that leads to any good kind of success we wish for.


In 2017 I came across one of my mentors when it comes to digital marketing, he offered me a free introductory course on digital marketing, In the course he encouraged his students to start a blog and implement the little they have learnt from the free introductory course, that it was the easiest way to learn blogging and digital marketing.

I did exactly as he suggested and started my first blog in 2017.

Starting and running a blog changed my life, it helped me improve my writing and digital marketing skills, there are lots of opportunities owning a blog in this digital era offers either as an individual or business owner.

In the blogging category, you will find resources, ideas and guidelines to help you explore and tap into all the opportunities blogging offers.

Who will benefit from this blog:

This platform is for all, young or old, male or female, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, workers, whether you are still schooling, or you are a college graduate, or a college drop out or you have never seen the walls of advance learning institution before, I believe you will find valuable ideas and resources in this platform, ideas and resources that can aid you in making better decisions about business and life as well.

Hire me:

I consult, train and coach individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, on digital skills acquisition, personal/business development, marketing strategies and implementation.

To reach me, use the contact page or send me an email at digitaltopnotch@gmail.com

I Look forward to working with you.

To your success

Emmanuel Onyewuchi 


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