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Sure Proof Method To Master Any Subject And Become An Expert

Have you been having an idea for long in your head, like you have been wanting to put out products on a particular subject but the thought of not knowing enough or not capable (imposter syndrome) keeps holding you back?

If you are going to serve people with your skills and knowledge the first place to start is to know enough about your subject, mastery of your subject is what to aim at especially when it involves helping other people solve a problem, you just need to know enough about the problem you wish to provide a solution to this is the only way you can provide a better solution.

The truth is If you are having doubt about your ability or capabilities to serve your potential customers and maybe that is making you feel low, the reason could be because you don’t know enough about your subject.

All entrepreneurs I know that are dominating in their space on the Internet all have one thing in common, they are confident about their ability to deliver results on their subject and they are confident not because they are motivated or inspired by one life coach or guru, they are confident because they have gathered enough knowledge, skills and experience about their subject that they are so sure they can deliver results, this is the kind of confident to aim for.

The thing is if you don’t know enough about your subject no motivation or inspiration can help you deal with imposter syndrome, because even if you gather the motivation to create a product your lack of knowledge will reflect on your product that will always lead to complaints from your customers which then start another lop of imposter Syndrome.. 

The good news is that there is a way to beat imposter syndrome it’s simple “know your onion” like know enough about your subject, start with knowledge, then build skills and the experience will always come in the process of exercising your knowledge and skills.

How do you learn more about your subject?

let me share a method that works with you.

How To Master Any Subject

If you want to become an expert in any subject here is a simple method to achieve that..

Dedicate 2 hours every day for the next 90 days studying your subject..

I know this might seem daunting for most people, but this is simply all you need to become an expert on your subject. 

I know there are some skills that require years to master, but if 2 hours is spent every day on intensive study of a subject in the next 90 days there’s no how you will not know enough to create a product on that subject that can help people solve a problem.

This method is supported by the universal law of attraction, what you give your attention grows, what you spent time with you understand.

Even in our own growth and development as human working with time frame has played an important role for us.

Think about it, when you are a baby your parent or caregiver had in mind that you are expected to be able to sit up by 6 months, and guess what? you smashed that goal.

Then you are also expected stand up on your own and walk within 8 to 12 months of your early life, even as you have grown up to become the person you are today you are still working with a timeframe.

There is a time frame for you to finish primary education, secondary and even higher educations, like our educational system understands this aspect that is why we are expected to go through certain years to study a subject…

The goal of this time frame for our educational system is to help us master a subject, although to some people it’s all about getting the degree and that has been a challenge.

Time frames help us to act urgently on specific sets of activities that will help us achieve our intended outcome.

You can use timeframe for your self-educational journey.

You can do the same with mastering any subject today..

One questions you might be asking is what should you be doing during this 2 hours every day for the next 90 days?

Go online and devour resources on your subject, take courses online, one good thing about an online course is that someone has already put together all the pieces of the puzzle to the problem you are seeking a solution for unlike free videos, articles or podcast where you have to pick pieces of the puzzle from different sources.

But if you don’t have a budget for courses start with free articles on Google or videos on YouTube, 90 days is enough to gather all the piece on a subject that can make you an expert.

In the world we are living today there is actually no excuse for lack of knowledge, we are living in an information age, it’s no longer about information availability, it’s now about your determination to source for the information that can change your life.

Someone once said, to go far in any aspect in life stand on the shoulders of the giant before you, people who have worked the path of the journey you want to travel on and out of kindness and willingness to help others have decided to created and put resources out there, you can use this resource to climb to your own hight, to become a giant in your subject.

You really don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just jump on the already spinning wheel and roll with it, your uniqueness as human will make you stand out, this is one thing about learning from others the uniqueness and perspective you will bring to the subject will make it look like you invented the wheel.

All you need to become an expert in any subject is mostly the same information that has been around centuries but probably has been written or talked about in different ways, an exception of new discoveries and innovation that happens every day, but almost in every aspect, there are fundamentals master this fundamentals and you will be on your way to mastery.

And to get the best of this method keep a note, for the next 90 days as you dig deep into your subject.

One of my heroes by name Jim Rohn used to say “don’t trust your memory write it down”

Let your note be where you will document, ideas, tactics and quotes that will change your career for good.

I know this method works because I have tried it in becoming a writer, I have tried it in becoming a digital marketer, I tried it in building an online business and it’s working, I’m pretty much sure anyone can try it in any aspect of life.

I hope this post helps you see how you can start today to master your subject and become an expert.

How are you mastering your subject, skills or niche? Please share with us on the comments.

By Emmanuel Onyewuchi

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