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business ideas
If you have ever wished to become an entrepreneur, a business owner, or A CEO of […]
who is an entrepreneur
If you have received entrepreneurship lecture in school one of the definitions you might have had […]
One of the things that make us human is not just our ability to read a […]
Customer Avatar
If you are new to selling online buyer persona also known as customer Avatar is one […]
online business
How often have you heard the phrase ‘online business’ and what do you know about it? […]
write your plans down
One misconception most people have with digital marketing is that it’s a different discipline from marketing, […]
If there’s one thing that is going to be affected by this COVID19 pandemic, it is […]
If you are just getting to start optimizing or maximizing your business online, the phrase ‘Paid […]
I’m an advocate of individuals having a personal blog for sharing their skills, knowledge, ideas, experience […]
There is this hint spreading around that blog as a tool for businesses or entrepreneurship is […]
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