Still on developing a bulletproof Mindset, In today’s episode of Digital Topnotch Podcast, one of my heros by the name Jim Rohn will be sharing with us on how to take charge of our life.

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. 

Some of the world’s great thinkers today, the likes of Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy and many more give credit to Jim Rohn as their mentor in their professional life. 

I came across some of Jim Rohn teaching, including this one shared in this episode, a few years ago. Jim Rohn’s teachings started me up on the personal development journey.

Listening to his teachings changed my perspective about life, and i’m pretty much sure it can do the same for you.. 

Find a quiet spot and listen to this and also get a Notebook and pen and take a lot of notes because you will find lots of nuggets worth jotting down.

Did you find the information useful?

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