What can we learn from these little creatures that sometimes bug the hell out of us – Ants.

1. Ants Never Quit

When I was little, one of the things that has kept me fascinated some times is how determined and resilient Ants are.

Just pick one Ant unaware and try to block his way, they will never stop trying, they will always find their way.

2. Ants Understand the season of time

What about how they think 🙂

You may be asking, do Ant think?

I guess they do.

Who told them that the rainy days are dangerous for them?

Sure, they might have learnt from experience.

But it seems they really learnt:

During dry seasons they gather their food, they know that the rainy days are dangerous so they need to stay safe.

But guess what they do, they get prepared on time, they get prepared during the dry season.

And during the dry season, you dare not stop them from going after their food.

3. Ants understand the power of unity and one purpose

What else understands the power in unity and one purpose than Ants.. 

They don’t go hunting individually.. they know that by 1 they can move a little of food during summer but by 100s they can move enough to serve them during the rainy days.

These little creatures seem to understand time and season.

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