If you are just getting started as a blogger, or you have decided to take writing seriously, one of the challenges you will have to face is writer’s block.

I wish I can tell you not to worry about it, but reality is that it will come, there are days you will feel super excited to put down words on blank pages, you’ll be like, oh yeah I feel so inspired right now I’m going to do 1000 words today, but once you sit down to write the words it will look as if your memory has been wiped off, you will find yourself writing and deleting words.

I can paint a clear possible experience here for you because I do find myself in that situation sometimes.

It can be frustrating, some times it makes you feel like writing is not for you, but the thing is you are not alone on this journey, writer’s block is part of the writer’s journey, I have read great and accomplished authors confess about struggling with writer’s block.

I believe it’s part of the writer’s journey, and it’s something that can be worked on by anyone who wishes to become better as a writer.

But seriously, I wish there was something that could be done about it, I wish scientists can invented something like “anti-writer’s block gloves” a kind of gloves that when you put it on your fingers will start producing the words, or “anti-writer’s block cap” the one for the head that will generate ideas from unknown sources, am sure every writer will love to have anyone of this tools if they are invented.  🤔 that could be a great invention.

Writer’s block is a well-known obstacle for writers, although some writers claim to have figured out a way around it.

You too, you can figure out a way around writer’s block, here are some approaches you can use to overcome this monster called writer’s block, I use these approaches, and now I’m becoming too hot for writer’s block to handle 😊

1. Reading

I believe one of the causes of writer’s block is not having enough ideas about the subject you are writing about.

Fighting writer’s block is more about having ideas and wider perspective about your subject matter.

When there are no enough ideas in your mind or head about your subject matter you will struggle to come up with words.

And one way to get more ideas about your subject matter is to read, read books, post or whatever that relates to your subject.

One exciting thing I have read about writing is that “as a writer, it’s okay for you to be a thief” it’s okay for you to steal someone title, ideas, opinions etc. you will probably be stealing from someone who stole from someone, sometimes ago… Stealing is good, only if you are a writer.

I know you don’t want to plagiarize someone, me too, but the thing is that you can always steal an idea and present different adding your own perceptive and experience to it, that is what writers do, they say what has been said before with different words or in a different way.

Reading is not just to steal ideas, it’s also one of the ways to widen your perspective and increase your knowledge about your subject.

Here is how to make effective use of reading to fight writer’s block, I make use of this strategy before you write about a subject read one or two blog post or books on the subject you want to write about or watch one or two videos about the subject.

By doing this you will increase your knowledge and widen your perspective about the subject that you want to write about. When you know more and have a wider perceptive about your subject your words will flow effortlessly.

2. Think on paper

According to a research, an average adult thinks up to 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, that is a whole lot of thoughts, 50,000 to 70,000 thousand words is about the number of words needed to make up a book.

There’s no way you will think 50,000 thoughts a day without thinking out ideas, you think out ideas every day but they are nowhere to be found.

Those great ideas despair once the next thought comes in.

But if you can put them down somewhere, it can become something you can refer to, especially before sitting down to write.

Thinking on paper will not only nurture your idea muscles, but it will also help you find ideas for your writing which helps you beat writer’s block.

3. Talk to people

I suck at raising conversations, maybe because I’m shy.

But I love conversing, I can’t count how many ideas I have gotten by simply conversing with people, some of which have inspired a post.

The ideal way to engage in valuable conversation is to make it intentional.

Here is what I mean, if you intend to write about a subject, raise the subject when conversing with a friend whom you believe have an idea about the subject, even with someone who doesn’t have an idea about your subject, a simple conversation with a stranger can widen your perspective about your subject.

Writer’s block mostly is as a result of lack of ideas and perspective about the subject you are writing about.

Conversations can help you see things the way you never thought of looking at things and at the same time makeup stories that can make your writing more interesting.

4. Watch movies

Movies are great ideas source. Just like books, in every scene and plot, there is always something worth noting down.

The whole idea here is to give your attention to something that will make you think and rethink.

5. Listen to something

This can be different for everyone.

For most people it’s music, but for me, I prefer podcast on platforms like SoundCloud or Spotify, educational, instructional and inspirational podcast.

Your mind is the source of whatever you are going to write, the goal is to keep it active.

As a writer, if you allow your mind to go cold, it will be difficult to get warmed up during the writing period, and then writer’s block wins.

Writer’s block is one challenge to overcome if you are resolved to becoming a productive and effective writer you can become, see how these 5 tips can help you fight this enemy of writers.

How do you overcome writer’s block? What do you do to overcome writer’s block? Share in the comments below.

 Also, feel free to share this post with your writers friends they might find it helpful and I will appreciate your kind gesture.


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