If you are a creative person or a writer, you will already know how finding ideas for your arts can be challenging.

Ideas are very important to creative works. ideas are the backbone to creative works like writing, they are the core messages you are going to pass across to your audience, it determines the wordings, lyrics, colours or images you will use in your arts.

If you are one of those people like me, who struggle sometimes to come up with ideas of what to write about, below are some places you can find great ideas to write about.

1. Post or book

One of the best places to find ideas for your creative works is in posts or books. You may be asking, are my supposed to copy other people’s ideas or works?

Yes, copy.

It’s legal to copy other people’s theme, knowledge, name it. Copy as much as you can from post or books you read, bring the whole idea into your world and redefine it, this is one advice that changed how I saw the act of writing.

Most people have a problem with this, most people still believe that once someone has written about a subject there’s no need for anyone else to write about it, this is one of the reasons why most people don’t do some of the things they are passionate about, they don’t act simply because they already see people doing what they wish to do, they think doing the same thing won’t make a difference.

The thing is, every subject that hasn’t been written by you is worth writing and should be written by you, there are great chances that your perception on an idea or subject can reveal a new or thoughtful meaning about that subject.

It doesn’t really matter who has written about a subject, no one can brag about having the last wisdom on any topic.

With our differences in culture, beliefs, environment and other factors, there is always a unique perception we can bring to the table of any subject.

Every great writer out there, even those that have written a best seller, understand this fact. And to me, copying is part of creativity, its also the act of building on other peoples works.

2. Your Imagination

You have the ability to imagine better things that do not exist and make them look like they do, you can do that with your imagination.

If you have ever read fiction writings before, you will understand what I mean, fictions are people’s imagination of possibilities and impossibilities.

Everybody can imagine things, we all have imagination, there are lots of thoughtful things you can imagine, share those things with the world.

Writing ideas

3. Conversations

Conversations is one place to find great ideas for writing.

It can be a conversation with friends, colleague, or a stranger, the conversation can reveal to you a perception about a subject the way you would have never thought of looking at the subject.

I don’t know how your conversations with your friends go, maybe you guys enjoy talking about technology, or Business, or politics, or even s*x, whatever it is that you talk about, if you observe carefully, you will discover that there are lots of things you can share with your audience, from every deep or casual conversation you have with someone.

4. Past experiences

Being an adult is proof that you have travelled 18 times around the sun. For really, you have gathered experiences as you sojourned around the sun.

You have lived an active life for years now, you have made mistakes, faced challenges, overcame difficulties, learnt lessons and achieved victories in so many aspects.

What if you share these stories to inspire people that finding it difficult to find a sense of belonging? what if you share your experience to help guide the younger generations? Your past experience is one place to find some great inspiring stories and ideas to share with the world.

Think of how you have acted at a certain point in your life, think of what you did wrong and what you did right, these are great ideas you can share with your audience that can help them make better decisions in their own journey through life.

5. Movies or videos

Movies are powerful methods of communicating ideas, it paints ideas in images.

Here is how you can go about finding ideas on the next movie you watch, when you watch an informative, educative or inspiring movie, take notes of the ideas as they come to you and write about them

You need to be conscious of getting these ideas, but trust me there are lots of ideas that are got from most of these movies we watch.

When you gather up all these ideas, you can review them, redefine them, spice them up with your knowledge and experiences and put them out to the world.

6. Audio, Podcast

Like I said earlier, we all have unique perception to bring to any subject, you can bring a new perception to whatever you have listened to.

When you listen to a good podcast or radio show, take notes and translate all the ideas into written content.

There are people who still prefer reading to listening if you feel what you just listened to will benefit somebody, convert ideas into writings and help the ideas spread.

There is a limit to how many people a radio station or podcast can reach, but by expanding the ideas in it, through writings you are also helping the ideas spread.

You can give credit where necessary or better still, give yourself credit for being creative.

What i have shared here are some of the ways I find ideas to write about on a daily basis.

They might look common to you, but the thing is, great things in life are made of common things and are found in common places.

If you give attention to some common things you do on a daily basis, you will find common ideas that can make up thoughtful and uncommon writings.

What are the ways you find ideas for writing? Share with us in the comment below.


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