If you have been hearing about digital marketing and you have been wondering what it’s all about, you are on the right side on the internet.

In this post, we will look at what marketing and digital marketing is all about and why I believe marketing and digital marketing skills are important skills to learn in this digital age.

Let’s start with understanding what marketing is all about

To understand Digital Marketing, we need to have an idea of what Marketing is, Digital Marketing is not a stand-alone discipline,  it’s part of a management discipline known as Marketing, Digital Marketing is like a thick branch in the Marketing tree.

So, to really understand Digital Marketing we need to have, at least, a basic understanding of what marketing is all about.

What is marketing

When it comes to defining Marketing, there are countless ways many people have tried to define marketing, but the way Seth Godin defined marketing on one occasion stood out for me. He said, “Marketing isn’t about shortcuts, hustle or deception. Marketing is the art (and the science) of serving the people you seek to serve, to do better work by finding and satisfying needs. Marketing is the practice of making things better by making better things”

This is marketing for me.

But If you have attended a marketing class in higher institution, this definition might sound weird to you, actually this isn’t how most of the textbooks out there will define marketing, but on a deeper understanding, I believe this definition is what marketing is all about or should be, serving people you choose to serve.

Marketing is about serving others, it’s about fulfilling needs, wants and desires, it’s about solving problems.

Marketing is about identifying what people want, need or desire, how they want it, how much they can pay, where to find them, the best way to reach them with the solutions to meet their want, need or desire.

It also includes projecting a positive image about someone or entity, branding.

There are various elements that make up the whole activities of marketing, they include:

  • Marketing management
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing mix
  • Selling
  • Pricing
  • Promotional Planning, etc.

We won’t be able to go through all these elements of marketing here, the thing is, marketing is a vast subject, it’s not something that can be explained in one post, but I hope the little explanation above gives you an idea of what marketing is.

If it does, I believe you will be able to understand digital marketing as It’s explained below.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a part of marketing discipline, Digital marketing can be seen as a marketing strategy, it’s all about using digital technologies to carry out marketing activities.

Any marketing activities that is implemented using digital technologies or tools like phones, computers, internet, television, radio and so on, is called digital marketing.

There are two major types of digital marketing, these types are like different kinds of digital channel through which digital marketing can be implemented.

They are:

1. The offline digital marketing (Traditional marketing)

2. Online marketing (internet marketing)

Let’s briefly look at them:

1. Offline digital marketing (traditional marketing)

Offline Digital Marketing, also known as traditional marketing, are those marketing activities that are done through digital tools or channels that are made up of electronic components but are not connected to the internet.

Examples include marketing activities on channels like television, radio, phones, electronic billboards, newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, etc.

The major characteristic of offline digital marketing is that marketing activities are done or enhanced with digital tools and channels that are not connected to the internet.

2. Online digital marketing (internet marketing )

Online digital marketing, also known as Internet marketing, on the other hand, is enabled by the internet, it’s marketing activities that are done using digital tools and channels on a live internet.

NOTE: when the term ‘digital marketing’ is used by most people in most cases what they are referring to is the online digital marketing.

There are various components that make up online digital marketing, some of them include Content marketing, Social media marketing, Analytics, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Search engine optimisation, Search engine marketing, paid advertising, mobile marketing and so on.

I have written a post where I explained more about these components, you can comeback for it here

The genesis of digital  marketing

History has a lot to say about how and when digital marketing became an important element in the marketing industry, you can trace digital marketing history to 15th century, when the printing press was invented or to 70’s when the first email was sent.

Whichever pages of the history you may want to read from, one time that will stand out is that, Digital marketing became possible as a result of advancement in digital technologies, tools and resources.

Advancement in Digital technologies and tools is what made digital marketing possible, as digital technologies and tools like the printing press, radio, television, smart devices, internet, etc became better and accessible to the entire public and people started using them, it created a new level ground for marketing activities.

Marketing is about the people, it’s about serving people. Marketers understand the fact that the best way to reach the people they intend to serve is, to go where they hang out, when people started using digital tools and channels, marketers started looking for a means to reach them where they are, this is how digital marketing became possible.

Why marketing and digital marketing skills are important

Human as a social being, marketing is an important element of our life, almost everything we do as humans contain marketing elements, we are all literally trying to sell ourselves on daily bases.

Take your own experience as a case study to really understand this.

Apart from the conventional business practices of marketing, which involves selling of products or services, human activities In life are characterised by selling, we literally trying to sell something on a daily bases.

From how parents raise their kids to finding a Job, interacting with people, even the way we dress, our daily dealings either intentional or Intranational contain some marketing elements.

Take the way you dress for instance, when you dress up for that occasion, wearing and applying whatever you are comfortable with, what you are actually doing is trying to sell the world around you something, it might not be a conscious decision, but indirectly and sometimes directly you are sending messages to anyone who cares to recive, the message could be I’m beautiful/cute, I’m classy, I’m confident, and so on.

Take another instance, job interview. When you are sitting on that chair, facing the interviewer, what you are literally trying to do or expected to do is sell your ability, all the words you are going to utter is about proven that you have what it takes to get the job done, selling.

You may not have looked at it in this way, but understanding this gives you an edge in dealing with the world around you and understanding why marketing skills is important and why using digital tools to optimise some of the marketing activities you already engage in is also important.

As human marketing is essential to our survival so have marketing skills are important and also digital Marketing skills are very important because it will help you find effective tools, resources and channels that you can use to effectively implement marketing activities that affect your life.

Selling seems to be the only way to earn money in the world we live in today, knowing how to use digital tools to sell anything you have for sale can be an added advantage in this digital era.

Breaching the gap between you and your customers, potential customers or people who need your ideas, knowledge, strength, products or services I believe is the miracle in personal finance, and this gap is what marketing, especially digital marketing skills can help us breach.

Marketing and Digital Marketing are skills that can not be neglected by anyone who wishes to thrive in this digital age, it’s something you will have to deal with whether you like it or not, ignoring it or dealing with it on a low or average level will definitely bring you low or average output or results on a long run.

I hope this post helps you understand why marketing and digital marketing skills are important.

What other skills do you think are very important in this digital era? please share on the comments below.


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